Teaching Materials Written by Jeff Michaels

Bible Basics is a method of teaching children about God’s Word the Bible. Written and developed by Jeff Michaels, the material teaches children how God’s Word was given to humanity, while also helping them learn how to use the Bible. In addition, their faith and confidence in God’s Word will be strengthened as they begin to see the importance of the Bible as the best foundation and guide for life.

The unique teaching concept recommended in the material is that teachers will present a few basic truths in as little as 5-7 minutes each week, with the main thoughts repeated each session until the children are able to remember them. The goal is lifetime retention. Bible Basics is a supplement to the normal Bible lesson teaching provided in class or club setting.

The teaching guide is written so that teachers can present essential material in one of three stages depending on the age and knowledge of the children in their particular class. Basic level learning is for young students and those who have limited knowledge of God’s Word. The intermediate level is for those who have mastered the basic level and who are old enough to learn deeper material. The advanced level is written for those who have a thorough grasp of the first two levels and who are old enough to understand higher level teaching.

The material includes a teaching guide, along with eight original full-color flashcard illustrations by Christian artist Noelle Okolowicz and is suitable for use in club ministry, Sunday School, Children’s Church, or midweek ministry.

Bible Basics is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2016 and will be available through Amazon.com and this web site. Questions about Bible Basics can be directed to Jeff Michaels by phone or e-mail.

Following is a sample of the teaching text and the corresponding flashcard visual from Section I of Bible Basics


I God is the author of the Bible.

KEY: You can have faith and confidence in the Bible as God’s Word.

Beginner Level Instruction:

“God is the author of the Bible. The Bible is His book! Every word, every sentence, every event, every teaching in the Bible is absolutely true. Everything you read in God’s book the Bible happened exactly the way He says it happened. When you open the Bible to read, you can believe every word…”

Intermediate Level Instruction:

“Every book ever written has an author – a person who thought of the idea, story or information to be presented and who wrote the words. Some books are fiction, some books are nonfiction, and some books are written to help people in one way or another. But, there is one book that is better than all the rest. This book is the Bible. God’s Word the Bible is completely true…”

Advanced Level Instruction:

“There are no mistakes in the Bible. We call this inerrancy which means without error. God’s Word the Bible was given to us without error because God Himself is the Author. God never makes a mistake and He cannot lie. Christians also believe that the Bible was given directly by God. We call this inspiration or we say that the Bible is inspired by God…”

Key Verse: II Timothy 3:16… All scripture is breathed out by God, and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.